Friday, May 3, 2013


I know I'm not the only one that is addicted to Pinterest. The tons of memes I've seen didn't come about by accident. I can totally relate to getting sucked in to the pages and pages of thumbnail awesomeness, or constantly hitting refresh because you know you'll see something new. I thought it would be nice to share some of the pins that I've actually made.

Most of the materials for the things I've made have come straight from the Dollar Tree. I LOVE that place. I always find something I can use, and everything is $1!

The first project I took on was a fall wreath.You can find the DIY here.  Everything is from the Dollar Tree. I got 3 bundles of silk flowers (orange, gold, and ivory), a small pack of styrofoam squashes, and the vine wreath. I hot-glued the flowers and squash where I wanted them, and that was that. Super simple, easy, and CHEAP! The whole thing was $5.

Next, I tried the custom plate DIY. The plate was $1 at Dollar Tree, and the stand was a couple of bucks at Family Dollar. This is very personal to me. The day my husband and I got married, we went and got this very same 'H' tattooed on our ring fingers. I found the font online, made a template, and taped it to the plate. Color in the template, bake for a few minutes, and you're done.

Then I got into the Christmas spirit. I made these snow globes and this cinnamon jar. The snow globes are really simple. I found a pack of small Christmas trees at Dollar Tree (OF COURSE! lol) along with 2 small mason jars. I got a carton of epsom salt from Walmart. I also got a larger mason jar and a larger Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby. Total, it probably cost $10 to make 3 of the snow globes.

The cinnamon jar was a snap. I took an old glass candle sleeve that I had previously cleaned out, a couple packs of cinnamon sticks, and the epsom salt from the snow globe project. I obviously didn't follow the DIY instructions very closely. I poured a little of the epsom salt in the bottom of the glass. Then I broke the cinnamon sticks in half and stuck them down in the salt. That is absolutely it and for only $2. It is still sitting out in my living room, because it smells so good.

I already have another project lined up. I want to make the Love Story Map. I have the pictures ready to go, they just need to be printed. I found a 3-hole picture frame at Family Dollar for $4. I added the pictures to my photo account at Walmart, and it said it would cost 27 cents. $4.27 for an wonderful piece of artwork for the wall.

What have you been inspired to create by Pinterest? Do you have any gorgeous DIY craftiness to share?

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