Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Weather Advisory? Snow Problem.

In the land where Summer lasts from April to November and Winter doesn't grace us with it's presence until mid-February I have found myself staring at that little red notice at the top of Winter Storm Warning.

The chance of snow tonight has now risen to 80%, and I for one have had enough. This will mark, at least, the 5th time that it has snowed in central Alabama since December. In the time between December and now we have been stuck in the house for nearly a week, we have lost money from missing work, we've lost power, and I'm starting to lose my sanity. Bring back the heat. Bring back the 95 degree temperatures that feel like 112 with the humidity. Shoot, bring back the mosquitos. I would gladly trade them all if not another single, solitary, stinkin' snowflake fell in our yard again this year.

The only good thing that comes from such awful weather is the time I have at home to spend with my family and work on my store. Sheer boredom can really get the creativity going, and my husband, though he knows nothing about bows or tutus, makes a great sounding board. During the last big snow I did manage to get my 4 year old to try on a tutu, but he drew the line at a ballerina twirl.

With this winter nastiness, I won't be able to go out for new supplies. I had thought about stopping by the craft store on my way home tonight, just in case. I think I have a new addiction thanks to the pearls I made. I find myself searching for the number of colors they come in. How would pink look with silver? Can I throw some glass beads in the mix somewhere? Are there any good inspiration sites? My mind is racing with ideas. That's it, I've talked myself into it. Craft store, here I come!

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